A Trail of Losses

I’d stay alone in my room all day, and contemplate the meaning of life, hoping for a knock on the door or for my phone to ring.


Hello, Mother!

Here’s what absolutely nothing in the world prepares you for- watching your resilient, strong mother sit up in the middle of the night, on her end of the bed and sob silently. For in that moment, you are powerless.

Offensive Knees and Angry People

I remember walking into the British Council Library, dressed in a bright red silk Kurti. The Kurti was one my grandmother had painstakingly stitched for me, out of one of her old sarees. I adored both the kurti and the gesture, but my apparel was the last thing on my mind as I set foot... Continue Reading →

A Woman Is Never Right

If I’m pretty, I’m stared at. If I’m ugly, I’m stared at. If I’m neither, I’m stared at. If I’m pretty, I should probably have worn clothes that don’t add on to my overpowering attractiveness. I should have been demure, and apologetic and hidden myself away in loose robes. Can’t complain if a few men stare, it’s my fault for being too pretty. If I’m ugly, how can a female even be that grotesque?

The Power of Criticism

‘Can do far better, had higher expectations.’ When I turned the pages of my English weekly test answer script, and landed on the Essay writing page, I was taken aback. You see, as a fifteen year old, I took great pride in my writing ability. I believed I was a fairly good writer and a... Continue Reading →

To Turn The Page

In my school, we had a library period only once a week. Once every week, for forty glorious minutes, we could walk through rows of shelves with books belonging to so many different genres. We could gingerly pick up worn old books, and leaf through the crinkling yellow pages, careful not to cause a rip.... Continue Reading →

Eating Out Alone

Unless we were eating together as a family, which wasn’t very often, I had a certain way I liked to eat my meal. I’d bring along a book I was reading, prop it vertically against the corner of the steel plate and turn the pages as I ate. No one particularly liked this arrangement. My... Continue Reading →

Short Skirts and Ankle Socks

  From the time I was in middle school, I’ve tried to gently stick my toe beyond rigid, albeit invisible social lines and class divides. Often, I’ve unwittingly rendered myself a guinea pig in doing so. The process, however, isn’t without reason, as in doing so, I discover interesting things not just about the people... Continue Reading →

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